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In our opinion, 15 years after the introduction on the market, the performances of CD are still far from optimum. We think that the musical quality of the CD could be better of that proposed today by the players. This because the CD players appears to be designed without any attention to mechanical problems, to acoustic feedback, to interference in power supplies, to the analog parts; the only thing on which attention are continually focused are the converters: in other words, the players look as if they are objects designed to work, rather than to sound.



Our position

Yet, comparing a CD player with an analogical turntable, some differences should be evident:

The CD rotates at hundreds RPM against the tens of the LP;
The CD is smaller and lighter than the LP;
The CD is generally supported only in the center, while the LP is supported on the whole surface;
A laser with focus depth of 1micrometer reads the CD; the beam must cross 1 mm. of polycarbonate (it is transparent, but reflections and some loss occur); this situation is very worse than the one in an LP.


It should be clear that the CD, respect the LP, has much more vibration problems. Analogical turntables have air suspensions, oil-bath pivots, very heavy flywheels, belt transmissions and all the necessary to oppose to the vibration problems; the CD players instead have very light plastic mechanics with motor directly coupled.

This is therefore our position: actual components could sound very better if only common errors were eliminated.



Our Players

We are examining the question from some years, intervening on several existing models and developing our own prototypes.

DVD Reference prototype



a very good CD/DVD solution




The Dream Machine (SACD DVD-A)


These players are available for any listening test at our Showroom. Prices and times of delivery could vary according to the market conditions.



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