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Multipole: the revoluctionary systems able to recreate at home the emotions of live concerts.

The ULTRASOUND multipolar systems, employing multiple interferring sources - a solution never explored before because considered impossible - can obtain a spectacular reconstruction of acoustic stage. The exceptional efficiency of the custom built loudspeakers, together with the virtual crossover elimination and with the particular construction of the systems, allows unmatched dynamics and transparency. This combination of characteristics makes the multipolar systems absolutely unique: for the first time the sweetness and the transparency typical of an electrostatic system gets married with the efficiency and the dynamics of the horn systems, with in addition an incomparable spatial reconstruction. The HORNBLOWER system, due also to the exclusive DBL system (Double Balanced Line) of reproduction of the low frequencies, establishes new limits in the domestic reproduction; the PRAXIS and EXCALIBUR systems are instead designed to make more accessible to the people the technology and the performances of the ULTRASOUND multipolar systems.



System Multipolar, 11 virtual sources
Sensitivity 95 dB
Response 30 Hz - 25 kHz
Impedance 4 - 8 ohm
Dimension 29x160x40 cm.

Model "small" with multipolar radiation, easy to fit in rooms. It can be placed near the side walls holding less space than conventional systems; it needs at least 1 meter from the leading wall (for optimum performances in spatial reconstruction 2 meters is better).

Construction in steel and wood. Finishing upon request.

The system has 3 pairs of binding posts, so it can be used in different configurations.

Sound of big coherence and plasticity, with incomparable transparency and detail.

Delivery: 60 days from order. Available also with GOLD transducers.



System Multipolar, 15 virtual sources
Sensitivity 97 dB
Response 20 Hz - 25 kHz
Impedance 4 - 8 ohm
Dimension 29x185x40 cm.

Complete system, able to reproduce a realistic sound field.

The system has 3 pairs of binding posts, so it can be used in different configurations.

Frequency response extended beyond the limits of the audible; full, rich sound and stage presence; spectacular tridimensional reconstruction with materialization of the sonorous event.

Delivery: 60 days from order. Available also with GOLD transducers.




Multipolar,15 virtual sources

Sensitivity 100 dB
Response 10 Hz -9 dB
Impedance 4 ohm
Dimension 50 x 230 x 38 cm. (L x H x P)

A masterpiece handmade to measure with on-demand finishes; each sample is an unique piece, with a plate with the name of the owner.

Delivery : 120 days from order.






Energetic: small dimensions, great performances.

The ENERGETIC series is a solution for the people that has little rooms but wants a high-level listening, without the limits normally given by small loudspeakers. To overcome these limits, we have developed extraordinary transducers, designed with most advanced technologies, assembled one by one completely by hand and selected in couples; in this way we have lower tolerances and greater performances respect to industrial production. We can model the response of each single loudspeaker controlling mechanical and acoustical parameters; in this way we can develop - for example - a woofer and a tweeter with complementary frequency response, so there is no need for electrical filtering. Therefore the systems are practically without crossover avoiding distortions, phase shifts, delays and power consumption introduced by it. Besides, the realization of the cabinets, in steel, is based on an accurate study of the mechanical forces during operation; the great stiffness - low mass structure reduces colorations induced by cabinet and optimizes time-domain response. More, we achieve a total shielding of electro-magnetic fields, while the particular shape allows an optimal distribution of internal pressure. The front baffle is made of a sandwich of steel and solid walnut; this is finished by hand with oil (no industrial varnishing).

All these characteristics - high efficiency, lack of crossover and absorbent and particular construction of the cabinet - give an accurate treatment of the musical signal, with very low distortions even at very high listening volume. These systems are the optimal solution for the very high dynamics that current sources (DVD, SACD) can deliver: take a look to a film with these systems and you will understand very clearly that problems in Home Theatre are not in the soundtrack, but in the systems, simply not adequate.

The range is based on 4 models, from mini up to floorstanding system. The GOLD version, available since ALIAS, has stunning characteristics: they are the only multi-driver systems in the world totally without a crossover, with the transducers linkable either in parallel (as usual) either in series. They have the same advantages as mono-way, none of the defects.

These systems are really unique in the world. These are not lies: these loudspeakers have been compared (in hundreds of different situations) with the most expensive products available. So if you can demonstrate us there is something better at the same price, we are ready to give you money!



Type Reflex
Sensitivity 93 dB
Response 50 Hz - 30 kHz
Impedance 4 ohm
Dimensions 27 x 35 x 22 cm.

Small dimensions, but without the limits imposed by little woofers: the 20 cm. woofer give you superior performances in extension and dynamics.




Type Reflex Reflex
Sensitivity 94 dB 97 - 100 dB
Response 35 Hz - 30 kHz 40 Hz - 30 kHz
Impedance 4 ohm 3 - 9 ohm
Dimensions 27 x 50 x 22 cm. 27 x 50 x 22 cm.

Pedestal model to put at a distance not lower than 50 - 60 centimeters from the leading wall; increasing the distance one can get more depth and a more airy sound. Complete system, without evident limits, it could be inserted in any high-end chain bringing all the exclusive advantages of a high efficiency, crossover-less loudspeaker, without the limits and the defects of the wide band speakers.

The GOLD version has extreme transducers and allows the traditional connection in parallel of the two drivers or even the connection in series.




Type Reflex Reflex
Sensitivity 95 dB 98 - 102 dB
Response 20 Hz -30 kHz 25 Hz -30 kHz
Impedance 4 ohm 3 - 9 ohm
Dimensions 27 x 115 x 22 cm. 27 x 115 x 22 cm.


Floorstanding model with not problematic arrangement; generally 30-40 centimeters of distance from the leading wall are enough. System with low range remarkable for extension and quantity, (subwoofer not required) but also very clean and articulated.

The GOLD version has extreme transducers and allows the traditional connection in parallel of the two drivers or even the connection in series.





Type Reflex Reflex
Sensitivity 96 dB 100 - 105 dB
Response 20 Hz -30 kHz 20 Hz -30 kHz
Impedance 3 ohm 3 - 7 ohm
Dimensions 27 x 115 x 40 cm. 27 x 115 x 40 cm.

Floorstanding system based on 3 transducers, without crossover. The lateral woofer is multi configurable; the other two irradiate also in the back, allowing great improvements in transparency and acoustical scene. A system similar in some aspects to MULTIPOLE, but with smaller dimensions and costs, doesn't need large rooms to deliver all its spectacular performances.

Available in GOLD version.



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