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n136 pgg. 48-49



n 52 - pgg. 62-70

[ALIAS Light]

... The result move to enthusiasm: it's the first loudspeaker system that I have listened able to recreate, also due to an efficiency that reaches 100 dB, the plastic impact of a live concert. The sound quality is magically balanced, soft, never aggressive (this time in spite of the high efficiency), realistic provided that the Hornblower (this is the name of the system) has enough room. The control of the low frequencies is extraordinary as the mild precision at the high frequencies, the realistic fullness of the middle frequencies is at the State of the Art. ... Image is impressed and three-dimensional as no other system can do today. ... There is also a "little" version, named PRAXIS. But why to make way to the Praxis when the Theory is a solid reality? The sound of the Alias is fascinating: transparent, very transparent, extremely dynamic, well extended on the extreme, refined, very balanced and of big naturalness. There is an abundance of harmonics that is an impressive thing and the air is imbued of music and the music of air. The coherence is excellent, and this time it is not by virtue of the crossover, or better it is worth, perhaps, also of the absence of the crossover... With the Alias there are no veils and there are no emphasys, however there is all what there must be. And the thing more amazing is the price... In regard to the acoustic scene: it is an exceptional thing...



n 42 - pgg. 46-49



n 86 SPECIAL VALVES '98 - pgg. 49 - 52


.... and after a long time you are still there listening to your disks, all your disks. And you must listen them because there is something, in those disks, that you perhaps didn't have still heard; at least not as well... the high range appears refined, fast, and allows the reading of an unbelievable quantity of details without never turn bitter and it create a general clear and shiny atmosphere. In the middle range there is the magic of the Alias; among the products I have listened to, perhaps only any mono-way systems has a similar behaviour, and I think that here the absence of the crossover plays a fundamental role. The solo voices sing with an unbelievable naturalness, the choirs are read with a clear analysis... it's here, in these sounds, that I've been really losing something. Here is what's new in my home! ... the two Ultrasound sounds very well also with amplifications very less expensive than this...
... if you don't have enough room for a loudspeaker like the Praxis, don't discourage you, because the Stratos is an excellent solution, that only whoever has tried the Multipole could consider like a second choice. And even in this case is always a second choice to clean the ears.
... the details come out all, with the correct quantity of microcontrast and with a transparency that indeed cut-off the breath. The air around the instruments there is all and the music winds you since the first note and seduces you with his disarming naturalness.
... everything continues then to be magically placed in an atmosphere that is music too, so much that the listening fatigue result completely cancelled and the same notion of the time passing becomes transitory and inconsistent. The disks continue...



n 63 - pgg. 51-53


... Praxis is the "smallest" model of the Multipole line, the top line of the Ultrasound. The multipole systems are in fact the result of years and years of studies, tests, measures and listening sessions, that have given origin to a solution certainly not conventional and absolutely amazing in the results.
... the sound result of these Ultrasound is indeed excellent: coherence, velocity, precision, fullness,richness but also refinement are his more evident characteristics.
The Praxis is between those not many loudspeakers that succeed to have as reference the played music and not that reproduced from other speakers.




n 81 - pg. 86

[Signal - Power CABLES]

...emission is very homogeneous and well balanced. Sound oriented toward a certain "solemnity" for nobility of the tone and general authoritativeness, which make the acoustic scene wide and deep, with a stable focusing. The tonal equilibrium is undoubtedly complete, without however excessive underline to the extremes that appear therefore accurate, but discreet, also integral and functional part of the response. The transparency is played within an intrinsic heat, made of solid melodic manifestations and tactile impulses, muscular and smoothed, never heavy or out of place. Big style, in short, with a notable amount of expressive naturalness and dynamics, played also on a barycenter that has in the middle the part of the lion, a magnificent lion.


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