It is not the usual shop, but a place with exclusive characteristics in the European panorama: it is in fact the only place whose acoustics has been designed by a professional engineer with the objective of underline even the most minute details of the musical signal. After almost an year of work, spended in computer simulations, tests, measures, searches of the adequate materials, we have achieved the followings results:
  • Floor noise <20 dBA, max level >130 dB, real dynamics beyond 110 dB;
  • Reverberation times (T60), Clarity index (C50, C80), EDT, RASTI, optimized for the possible listening;
  • 250 m2 divided in 7 listening areas with different acoustical characteristics to simulate a variety of situations.

The Hornblower - Otello system


The place, on two floors, has an electric plant realized to avoid interferences and is shielded against RF and EMI. Inside, all the technologies are available in direct comparison (from the wide band drived by monotriode to the multipole system drived by

The Excalibur - Parsec system

the current generator) to obtain finally an unambiguous idea of the differences between the solutions existing on the market in an environment acoustically neutral and able to highlight any characteristic.


We look with particular attention to the placement of the hifi systems (and shortly also video) in domestic rooms, with acoustic and architectural optimization; to this purpose - through our architects and our carpenters - we design,
build and install furniture, panels for the acoustic and architectural correction and, generally, all the necessary to an effective integration of the hifi system with the existing structure.

The Praxis - Paradox system


Besides, componenents are available for the musical instruments, P.A. and other professional use, for those that want better musical performances than actual ones (the sound quality of such

The Excalibur - Paradox system

components is often disgusting), without loss of those characteristics of roughness and reliability necessary in that type of employment. We can design specific devices upon request.


















To reach the Showroom:

At the PD East exit of the A4 Highway at the round (200 m.) turn right and at the following intersection (200 m.) still to the right (S. Marco street). Follow this direction up to the 4° semaphore, where you must turn right (towards VENICE). The 5° at left is Bachelet street; the Showroom is the first building at left.



To visit the neighborhood:

The Riviera del Brenta coasts the Brenta river up to Venice (around 25 km) and it is famous for the sumptuous Villas of the Doges (antically, the highest authority in Venice) surrounded by the luxuriant green of the Venetian country; the main of these (Villa Pisani in Strą, a royal palace with a great park) is situated at only 5 km.

Along the Brenta you can have a small cruise up to Venice with the Burchiello, a particular boat that revive the ancient magificence of the Serenissima.

The zone is rich of famous restaurants (in prevalence fish-based).

In PADUA the famous S.Antonio Basilica, the Ragione palace and the Plazas, the Prato della Valle (the plaza with an island in the middle), the Botanical Garden, the Pedrocchi Coffee (the unique without doors), etc.

In VENICE ... what anything else to say of a city unique in the world?


Vicolo T. Aspetti, 18
35100 Padova (ITALY)
Tel./Fax: +39 049 8644085

Via Bachelet, 20
Busa di Vigonza (PD)
Tel.: 049 8935095

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